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  • Bat Robot


    BAT Robot is perfectly integrated with technologies of robot control, visual recognition and conveyor tracking. It can accurately track the speed of the conveyor belt and recognize the object’s position, color, shape and size through intelligent visual system.

    It also can perform packing, sorting, alignment and other works as particularly required. Owing to its characteristics of fastness and flexibility, BAT Robot greatly improves the efficiency of production line and reduce the operation cost of enterprise.
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    The controller of BAT Series is not only a motion controller, but also a machine control system which integrates visual processing and belt tracking.

    The controller supports RS232/485,TCP/IP self-defining communication, compatible with EtherCAT, Modbus485, Modbus TCP standard bus communication; motion control module is in charge of processing and motion controlling algorithms of machine kinematics, path planning and others; visual module includes vision calibration, template matching and image processing; tracking module matches visual processing results with external transport line operation, to perform dynamic tracking and achieve seamless docking between machine and vision.

    BAT Series Controller can support up to 12 axis (3 parallel robots); it could share visual data between robots without external communication; it adopts simple UI interface to realize one-stop setting from robot to vision.

    BAT Series machine control system integrates command editing, vision calibration, template matching and visual parameter setting, belt calibration and other functions. Without other auxiliary tools, it can achieve the operation and configuration to machine, vision and the others.

    Visual Module


    BAT Series control system is built-in visual module to support plane visual (2D vision) and stereo visual (3D vision).

    2D vision: It collects two-dimensional image by using image sensor. Then, according to collected information ( size, shape, texture, color and so on), it calculates corresponding results through 2D visual algorithm. Finally, the results are to be applied in field detection, measure, control and so on.

    3D vision: 3D camera or 3D sensor is used to collect objects’3D information to secure their Point Cloud. According to the obtained Point Cloud data, combining with their features, 3D algorithm is applied to calculate the required results. Further more, it will guide robot or control automation equipment to complete the corresponding work.

    3D vision can be used in bin picking, in-depth object detection, 3D deformity detection, 3D measurement and so on. It can be widely applied in various industries such as food & beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, construction materials, metal fabrication, electronics manufacturing, packaging, automobile manufacturing and others.